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I'm Kira.
I follow My Chemical Romance on tour.
Makeup, Aerial circus, Fire dancing, Marvel Movies, Fashion.

I have a best friend that you're jealous of, you don't even know <3

I'd rather have a flesh eating parasite than a boyfriend.

12-17-10, I met MCR. I can't even.

7-2-12 I met Tom Hiddleston...

So basically I'm the luckiest person in the entire world and I don't know what I did to deserve this ._.
Mah Face 'n Such My MCR Blog

I’m literally at a loss as to what I should do with myself right now. Honestly… I just… I can’t believe that this just happened. 

My friend and I spent several hours casually waiting, eating cake, hoping that maybe we’d get a glimpse of Tom. When we first arrived at where he was supposedly staying we watched him get into a elevator and figured that was as close as we were going to get. Then by some miracle… out he walks! 

He came out of the elevator that just happened to be right in front of me, my friend, and these three lovely girls we’d met also hoping to meet Tom. Quickly we call out to him and he stops and comes right over to us. He said that he was running late (assuming he’s off to set or some kind of creative meeting) but he stopped and took pictures with each of us and signed my friend’s Loki action figure. As he looked on the table and saw it he said, “Oh you have one of these? Cool!” 

Now for some reason, I thought wearing platform shoes without heels on the backs was a great idea (Jefferey Campbell Blyke’s, just in case you want to see how crazy they are.) As I took my picture with him I started to fall over and since I didn’t want to fall onto him, I took a little step and my face almost met the floor. He quickly asked if I was alright, and his exact words were, “Oh, are you alright, sweetie?”

Tom Hiddleston called me sweetie.

ASdfgdjslasdfuasd anyways he was the nicest person in the entire world and made sure to take a picture and talk with each of us before he ran off to wherever he was headed. aoisdjfaiweufhasiudfasdf.

Okay I’m sorry I can’t even type properly I’m so jittery and excited right now! Ahh! So I’m sorry if half of this isn’t any kinds of coherent. This is seriously one of the coolest things that’s ever happened to me!

Go to my friend’s Tumblr to see her post and pictures of her signed Loki! :3  

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